Atlantic  Center  Homeowners  Association,  Inc.  (ACHA)  is  a  Not-for-Profit  Corporation  formed  in August 1995 in the State of New York. The Association consists of 139 houses within the boundaries of Atlantic Avenue and Fulton Street, Carlton Avenue and South Portland Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.


The Association homes were erected in three phases and homeowners began moving in as follows:

PhaseNumber of Three-Family Homes builtOriginal Move-in Dates
I53August to December 1995
II54April 1997
III32August 2003

The purpose of the Association for which the Corporation was formed is to install, repair, replace, and maintain the common easements/common improvements (common gates, locks, and fences; driveways, asphalt, parking areas, and external drainages/sewers); for which the Association assess monthly or annual dues to support such endeavors as adopted by the annual budget.

Each homeowner by acceptance of a deed (including its successors and assigns) is a member of the Association and must abide by all governing State and local laws, Declarations & Covenants, Bylaws, and House Rules.


Our Common Easements consist of 5 parking lots and 12 gates as follows:

Parking Lot A

Located behind 720 Fulton Street to 728 Fulton Street and next to 354 Cumberland Street (all even numbers, only).

Parking Lot B

Located behind 730 Fulton Street to 748 Fulton Street (even numbers, only), 355 Cumberland Street to 403 Cumberland Street (odd numbers, only), and 418 Carlton Avenue to 478 Carlton Avenue (even numbers, only).

Parking Lot C

Located behind 3 Atlantic Commons to 19 Atlantic Commons (odd numbers, only), 153 So

Oxford Street to 161 So Oxford Street (odd numbers, only), and 356 Cumberland Street to 368

Cumberland Street (even numbers, only).

Parking Lot D

Located behind 408 Cumberland Street to 424 Cumberland Street (even numbers, only) and

205 So Oxford Street to 213 So Oxford Street (odd numbers, only).

Parking Lot E

Located behind 173 S Portland Avenue to 203 S Portland Avenue (odd numbers, only) and 172

So Oxford Street to 208 So Oxford Street (even numbers, only).


Executive Board

The purpose of the ACHA Board is to exercise, all lawful powers and duties necessary for the Association, the maintenance, repairs and replacement of the Common Improvements; enforce compliance with rules; fiduciary responsibilities which includes budgets, tax payments levied on the common easement property, collections of assessments (dues or special), employ or retain counsel, accountants, engineers and management firms, or such vendors as needed to maintain, repair, or replace the common easements.

The Board currently consists of unpaid volunteers that were elected and/or appointed to hold the following positions:

Kay Casanova – President

Sheila Whitaker – 1st Vice President

Carrol Cargill – 2nd Vice President

John Henry – Treasurer

Sharon Pierre – Secretary



The Association maintains the following primary vendors:

AccountantMayne, Blumstein & Fingold CPAs LLP1991 Smith Street

Merrick, NY 11566

(516) 868-2400 (o)

(516) 868-6683 (f)

LegalWagner Berkow, LLP1410 Broadway – 23rd Floor

New York, New York 10018

(646) 780-7272 (o)

(646) 736-5322 (f)

Management CompanyThe Charles H. Greenthal

Group/ (formerly MGRE)

30-30 Northern Blvd, Suite 400

Long Island City, NY 11101

212-340-9300 (o)

(516) 801-6153 (f)


As an Association Member, you may interact with various individuals within Greenthal as follows:

Steven GreenbaumDirector of Property

Valery LipariDirector of Management

Administration (primary contact)

To  avoid  delays  in  responding  to  your  email,  kindly  direct  all  general  Association matters  to: and