What are the ACHA Board Responsibilities?

The Board’s responsibilities includes; but are not limited to install, repair, replace, and maintain the common easements/common improvements (common gates, locks, and fences; driveways, asphalt, parking areas, and external drainages/sewers), dues and assessments as adopted by the annual budget; as well as the colors of your window gates, storm door gates, front gate and fence, as well as, interior doors (the second door behind each storm door). The Board and/or ACHA is not responsible for any civic duties, i.e., block associations, repairs inside your home, or rear fences to your home.  Refer to the following articles…

  • Common easement – parking area and driveway. ¹Article III, S1, 2, and 3.
  • Common gates and common locks. ¹Article IV, S12
  • Main sewer lines – this does not include the sewer line in each home. ¹Article IV, S12
  • Fiduciary – budgets, maintaining financial records, collecting association fees. ¹Article IV, S12
  • Enforcing declaration of covenants and restrictions. ¹Article IV, S12 & Article V, S3.

What are the responsibilities of each ACHA Homeowner of Record?

  • Paying annual dues. ¹Article II, S2
  • Maintaining your property to ensure no adverse affects o the property value or structure.
  • Understanding the by-laws and house rules. ¹Articles III, S6
  • Adhering to the declaration of covenants and restrictions. ¹Article III, S6
  • Advisable that each homeowner is responsible for cleaning their sewer trap in their home twice a year (preferably before the main sewer/drain cleaning.

What does my association fees cover?

  • Maintenance of the common easement and driveways. ¹Article IV, S12A
  • Snow push in the common easements. ¹Article IV, S12A
  • Maintenance of the common gates and fences. ¹Article IV, S12A
  • Maintenance and cleaning the main sewer lines located outside of your home
  • Insurance (separate from our homeowner’s insurance) and taxes. ¹Article IV, S12D and L
  • Accountant, Consultants, Legal, rental space, and reserves for major expenses. ¹Article IV, S12F, G, and N.

How many parking spots does each HOR have?

  • Each HOR of record (unless otherwise noted) has one space to park their vehicle.

When do I contact The Charles H. Greenthal Group?

  • To request a key for the common easement area. The cost for each key is $25.00 that will get assessed to your monthly dues.
  • To report a broken gate, lock, or damage to the common easement
  • To report a concern within the common easement area, i.e., rodents, trash
  • To determine and/or reconcile your homeowners association fees
  • To communicate your intent to sell your ACHA property
  • Be specific with your communications, i.e., I want to report a broken gate lock; located on Atlantic Avenue, between Cumberland and South Oxford Streets

What happens if I fail to pay my association dues?

  • ACHA can pursue a claim in Small Claims Court that if awarded will remain on file for up to 20-years and result in a judgement for arrears including late fees and legal costs.
  • ACHA can assess a lien against your property

How do I report an illegally parked vehicle to be towed?

  • Contact Matts Towing Corp at 917-455-4503 via phone or text.  Provide the color, make model, and location of the illegally parked vehicle (i.e., green Toyota Camry, illegally parked in our parking lot located on Cumberland Street, between Atlantic Commons and Atlantic Avenue).  When texting, you can send a clear photo of the illegally parked vehicle with the location, only.