What are the ACHA Board Responsibilities?

  • Common easement – parking area and driveway. ¹Article III, S1, 2, and 3.
  • Common gates and common locks. ¹Article IV, S12
  • Main sewer lines – this does not include the sewer line in each home. ¹Article IV, S12
  • Fiduciary – budgets, maintaining financial records, collecting association fees. ¹Article IV, S12
  • Enforcing declaration of covenants and restrictions. ¹Article IV, S12 & Article V, S3.
  • ACHA is not responsible for any civic duties, i.e., block associations, repairs inside your home, or gates/fences to your home.

What are the responsibilities of each ACHA Homeowner of Record?

  • Paying annual dues. ¹Article II, S2
  • Maintaining your property to ensure no adverse affects o the property value or structure.
  • Understanding the by-laws and house rules. ¹Articles III, S6
  • Adhering to the declaration of covenants and restrictions. ¹Article III, S6
  • Advisable that each homeowner is responsible for cleaning their sewer trap in their home twice a year (preferably before the main sewer/drain cleaning.

What does my association fees cover?

  • Maintenance of the common easement and driveways. ¹Article IV, S12A
  • Snow push in the common easements. ¹Article IV, S12A
  • Maintenance of the common gates and fences. ¹Article IV, S12A
  • Maintenance and cleaning the main sewer lines located outside of your home
  • Insurance (separate from hour homeowner’s insurance) and taxes. ¹Article IV, S12D and L
  • Accountant, Consultants, Legal, rental space, and reserves for major expenses. ¹Article IV, S12F, G, and N.

What happens if I fail to pay my association dues?

  • ACHA can pursue a claim in Small Claims Court that if awarded will remain on file for up to 20-years
  • ACHA can assess a lien against your property

How many parking spots does each HOR have?

  • Each HOR of record (unless otherwise noted) has one space to park their vehicle.

When do I contact The Charles H. Greenthal Group?

  • To request a key for the common easement area. The cost for each key is $25.00 that will get assessed to your monthly dues.
  • To report a broken gate, lock, or damage to the common easement
  • To report a concern within the common easement area, i.e., rodents, trash
  • To determine and/or reconcile your homeowners association fees
  • To communicate your intent to sell your ACHA property
  • Be specific with your communications, i.e., I want to report a broken gate lock; located on Atlantic Avenue, between Cumberland and South Oxford Streets